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In addition to funding provided by the Nebraska Arts Council and North Carolina State University, the following individuals have contributed to the Don Welch Digital Archive:

Archive Director

Dr. W. Jason Miller (North Carolina State University)

Digital Construction

Patrick Elliott

Design and Layout

Shannon Pitone


Collyn Ware

Content Creators

Kelsey Dufresne

Dr. Rick Marlatt

Elizabeth McBride

Dr. W. Jason Miller

Taylor Seal

Educational Resources

Shannon Welch Vesely

Content Editor

Angie Oberg

Special Thanks

Dr. Gene Fendt

Tory Hooton

Dr. Tom Martin

Red Orchid Productions

Dr. David Rozema

Primary Materials

The Don Welch Digital Archive would not be possible without the remarkably rich and vast archival materials so generously provided by Marcia Welch and Shannon Welch Vesely.

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