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Howard "Dutch" Welch   Hastings College (1924-28)
Dutch Welch   Gothenburg High School (1923-24)
Chicago Stagg Field May 31, 1924 (Front)
Chicago Stagg Field May 1924 (Back)
Hastings College (c. 1924-28)
Dutch Welch (c. 1925)
Dutch and future wife Genevieve Greenslit at Hastings College (c. 1928)
Dutch's wife Genevive Greenslit (Married August 8, 1928)
Granddad (Dutch) Welch (in front) 1924.j
Granddad (Dutch) Welch (in fornt) 1924 (
Hasting College All-Conference (Junior and Senior years, 1926-28)
Dutch Wekch (at Desk).jpg
Track Program 1922
Hastings College (1924-28)
Record stands (1972)
Gothenburg High School (1923-4)
1924 medal (worn by Dutch's wife as a necklace)
Two-time All Conference Basketball and Football Player (1926-28)
Hall of Fame Application Letter (1994)
Hall of Fame (2007)
Hall of Fame (2007)
Hall of Fame Letter 2004 (page 1)
Hall of Fame Letter (page 2)
Hall of Fame Letter (page 3)
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